Protect Your Server With FTP Backups

Data loss could happen any time, but are you prepared for it? When you use the best data backup solution for your server, it could save your precious data at any time. Our FTP Backup service ensure safety of your data by scheduled auto backups daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.
See our plans below to make your order. Call us for more information.



  • 100GB FTP Space
  • Automated (Twice a Month)



  • 500GB FTP Space
  • Automated (Twice a Month)



  • 1TB FTP Space
  • Automated (3 Times a Month)



  • 2TB FTP Space
  • Automated (Every Week)



  • 4TB FTP Space
  • Automated (Every Week + 1 Monthly)



  • Need More GB’s
  • Talk to us for customized solutions.

Advantages of Storage Servers

Maximum Space Facility
Since our launch, we are providing servers with higher storage space for storing and heavy amount of data so that users could restore it any time when needed. Through our storage servers, you can perform backups with trust and confidence. These high-end servers are equipped with best price-storage ratio. Using our storage range you will find supreme write speed and storage capabilities. You can sign up for our dedicated and guaranteed resources to enhance the availability of your data.


Advantages of Storage Servers

Hot Swapping
This feature is very useful in our service that it doesn’t let server go off when changing the disks. You can easily change defective disk using this feature. This ability is very important and useful for high-availability infrastructures.

Private Network Addition
The usage of Host Emirates private network series is by default along with high storage capacity. It enables you to connect all your Host Emirates products to one another through a secured network. It doesn’t matter if they are in the same location of data center or else. Furthermore, the RAM Error Correcting Code saves your data from being bad-sectored and corrupted. Stability and security are guaranteed elements.


What is the use of Storage Server?

Backup Server
This server is designed to save huge volume of data, therefore, servers in this series are ideal selection for storage backup space. You can easily create secure backups of your files and operating systems.

Multimedia Storage
People who create projects can have best advantage of our storage server; projects need many files like images and videos readily available. For this heavy need, we provide 500 Mbit/s bandwidth with guarantee which is perfect facility for file sharing and video streaming.

High Volume Database Storage
The storage servers at Host Emirates can host up-to 216 TB of data and you can even use these servers to host databases and store SQL backups.